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Etegami, the picture card


If you are curious about drawing pictures or calligraphy, Etegami, the picture card is the best,
A postcard made of Japanese paper with a picture and some phrase. 
Brushes and ink are used for calligraphy and painting. The motifs which are familiar to us, such as flowers and vegetables are drawn. And a short phrase which a writer would like to convey is written on it.
The motto of the picture card is “It’s good not to be good at it.” or “It’s O.K. not to be good at it.” On the picture card, drawers value expressing their own taste more than skills.

How to do Etegami, the picture card.

  1. Look closely at what you want to draw.

  2. Draw it large and slowly with a calligraphy brush. 

  3. Paint it with pigments for Japanese painting. 
    Be sure to leave a space where it will not be painted, which stirs the viewer’s imagination.

  4. Write your favorite phrase.

  5. Stamp your name in Hiragana.


You can experience it at a small house at Hikoso near the Higashi-chaya District.
Why don’t you enjoy drawing the picture card?

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