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Taste fermented food at the oldest fermented foods maker!

Enjoy the old building too ... it's like a small museum !

Shijimaya(the oldest fermented foods manufacturer)
Japan boasts one of the world's biggest fermented foods manufacturers. Because of long cold winters, Kanazawa produces many fermented foods such as miso, shoyu, pickles, and sake. Shijimaya is the oldest producer and seller of pickled and fermented local fish and vegetables!


Shijimaya main shop
The shop was established in 1875, and is presently still presently an active shop/residence.


Inside the building

The building contains a shop, a living room, a guest room and a courtyard. 


Shijimaya's products

Their main product is “kabura-zushi” a fermented turnip slice with yellowtail meat slice inserted.

They also produce miso pickles, shoyu pickles, vinegar pickles.


The swords

They proudly keep old swords as heirlooms.
The swords were manufactured about 500 years ago.


Side story
(Fermented puffer fish ovary)

One of the most unique fermented foods that Kanazawa produces is Puffer fish ovary. This is not produced anywhere else in the world. This can be dangerous due to tetrodotoxin, however in Kanazawa it is safe. Because of the town's long experience and expertise, they know the rope to kill the poison.

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