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Kaga temari embroidered balls


The only one of its kind since it opened in 1998, Mari-ya specializes in temari, or embroidered balls. At Mari-ya, they offer Kaga temari, which are temari unique to Kanazawa.  Kaga refers to the Kaga domain, the feudal domain that controlled the majority of what is now Toyama and Ishikawa prefectures during the Edo period. The shop is located near the Oyama Shrine (Only a 4-minute walk from the Minamicho bus stop).


Each Kaga temari has a small bell in its center that produces a charming sound. This sound is said to bring luck to an individual that holds a Kaga temari. For a wedding, the woman carries a Kaga temari with her to bring good luck.


The owner of the shop, Ms. Koide, learned to make Kaga temari from her mother-in law. Since then, she has perfected her craft and has been making beautiful Kaga temari for more than 30 years. She opened private classes in 1988.


Visitors to the shop have a chance to make their own Kaga temari or view the Kaga temari making process on display throughout the shop!


These are Kaga temari! The temari ball shown on the left has specific colors and a specific pattern. The temari ball on the right is embroidered with twelve geometric chrysanthemums and represents the wealth and prosperity of the Kaga domain.


Visitors can also view various versions of the Kaga temari in the shop.


The shop also offers gifts and accessories made using designs from Kaga temari and Kaga thimbles.


Visitors can also make Kaga yubinuki (thimbles). Like the Kaga temari, Kaga thimbles are said to bring good fortune and are also decorated with intricate patterns!


This is a display showcasing the making of a Kaga thimble!


Kaga thimbles can also be turned into gorgeous pendants!

Each region of Japan has its own unique temari ball. However, only in Kanazawa are the temari embroidered with silk threads, giving them unique elegance. We are sure that you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Kaga temari and the Kaga thimbles.


Ms. Yukiko Onishi, the daughter of Ms. Koide, teaches the Kaga yubinuki making classes!



These beautiful crafts, called hariyama, or pincushions, are a popular gift choice at the store!


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