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Niche attractions

Many other local attractions, which tourists seldom see and regret later

not having seen.

Local festivals(matsuri), pristine beaches, tofu making, firefly viewing at summer night, tinkling wind bells(furin)

【Festivals "matsuri"】

1.jpg みこし.jpg

“Okaeri maturi“, a local spring festival,dates back to the Edo period more than 200 years ago.

A local deity on a baroque portable shrine carried on young locals' shoulders travels to the villa and back.



The shrine is accompanied by triumphant bugles and beautifully embellished float.

1.jpg 台車.jpg

【Kanazawa beaches】


Katano beach south of Kanazawa

10冬海岸 .jpg

A young lady in her bikini

Fossicking shells and some "treasures" from southern islands.

Crashing waves in winter on Noto peninsula

Pristine beach. Enjoy the soothing lapping of the waves.

【Tofu Making】


Mr.&Mrs.Takayama run a small tofu shop.

All hand made.

You can try fresh "tonyu"

or soy bean milk(before it is coagulated with bittern.)

Boiled soy beans are 



Mr.Takayama sells tofu on a

cart ringing a bell.


Look at Mrs.Takayama's marvelous finesse !

She cuts tofu so  skillfully that each

piece can be put in a tray with no spaces

between them.

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