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Kanazawa Phonograph Museum


The Kanazawa Phonograph Museum was opened in 2001 when Mr.Hitoshi Yokkaichi, the owner of a phonograph shop, donated  a magnificent collection of 540 phonographs and 50000-disc records to Kanazawa City Government. Now 660 phonographs and 50000-disc records are displayed at the museum.


Sound demonstration
You can listen to the sounds of 10 different phonographs ranging from an Edison's machine to a Victorola Credenza known as "the king of phonographs"


You can also hear Edison's voice at the museum! The first successful recording of his voice was produced in 1877. Over the course of history, phonographs have taken many forms. From recording on metal, to using wax cylinders, and finally perfecting onto flat records.


"Nipper" and His Master's Voice

Nipper, a fox terrier, was kept by the brother of Francis Barraud, a British painter. After his brother's death Francis was so moved to see Nipper attentively listening to his brother's voice from the phonograph that he drew the picture and trademarked it.

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