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Kutani Pottery Experience


Kutani porcelain is one of the major traditional crafts in Kanazawa.
It started in t
he 17th century during the Edo Period and died away and was resurrected in the 19th century.
Its colorfulness and artistic nature are appreciated by connoisseurs and devotees.
Many wares are exported to overseas countries.


The name ‘Kutani’ comes from the village called Kutani or “nine valleys”.
It is made from the mixture of kaolin and clay.

P1200211 (2).JPG

It is very hard and sounds metallic because of high temperature firing and its kaolinic character. It is depicted with unique “Kutani-gosai” colors by an overglazing technique.

We organize hands-on tours of Kutani Porcelain where you can participate in your choice of the following: Wheeling experience, Hand-building experience, Painting experience, Workshop viewing.

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