Sword making

Visit a local swordsmith and wield a Japanese traditional sword!

Swords have a long history in Japan.

The origin of Japanese traditional swords (katana in Japanese) began about 1,000 years ago.

Japanese swords are well-known for their refined shape and blades so sharp they can cut through an iron helmet! Very few can match the quality and finesse of a Japanese sword.

Traditional Forging Methods:

With the use of bellows, sand iron or old coins, and a charcoal fire, a sword is forged!

Once each sword is forged, the sword is polished and engraved! A scabbard is made after the sword is forged.


Every step is carried out by a master swordsmith!

There are only 250 smiths in Japan certified to forge a sword using the traditional forging methods.


Mr. Tsuneharu Matsuda is the only master swordsmith in Kanazawa. He has created swords for over 20 years at his workshop in the mountains! His shop is located 30 minutes by car from Kanazawa.

Note: A sword is completed using the following process: First is material making,

then forging, then polishing and finally scabbard making and decorating. Each part of the process is carried out by a specialist craftsman.

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