Explore Kanazawa with an experienced local guide


Kanazawa lies on the northwest of the mainland. Abundant with samurai culture, history, nature and warm people, it is known as” a hidden jewel off the beaten path”. We are experienced local guides who know the nuts and bolts of the town:  old townscapes, idyllic countryside, local pubs&restaurants and unique local food. Explore a unique town with us !

We are all men and women who enjoy retirement and work as a tour guide. We not only do the sights of the town but would like to talk about our younger days, our families, hobbies etc. All inquiries welcome! We would like to provide unique experiences based on your interests.

Please advise of any interests you may want to explore in greater depth than is usually available in other tours.

For example, if you like sashimi or sushi,

we can take you to the morning auction in the market, if you like tofu, then we can take you to tofu makers.

Explore and discover Japanese culture in more detail! Or ask us for suggestions on the rich and interesting culture of Kanazawa!

Our fees are quite reasonable. We are all pensioners and do not live on guiding. We enjoy retirement!

  1. We specialize in traditional samurai culture and daily life, as well as sightseeing.

  2. We offer private or small group tours upon request.

  3. We offer tours at a reasonable fee.



  1. 除了观光景点介绍以外,应游客要求我们可以提供传统文化和日常生活的体验,参观

  2. 公道的导游费,热情周到的安排。


Culture and History:

Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa Castle, Samurai and Geisha districts, tea ceremony, museums etc.

Arts and Crafts (participation or viewing):

Gold leaf, silk dyeing, kimono wearing, pottery painting, museums etc.


Sword making, sake making, local fermented food, local food making, fish market auction, pottery participation,

Kanazawa Phonograph MuseumKaga temari embroidered balls etc.

Niche attractions(small but important)

Local "matsuri" or festivals​, pristine beaches, tofu making, firefly etc.

Guide Fees & expenses (family/group)
4-hour course: @¥10,000 ~ 15,000
8-hour course: @¥15,000 ~ 20,000

Cash Only. Please pay to tour guides upon arrival to your meeting place.

(Note: the fish market auction and sword making are not included)

Other expenses: entrance fees, transportation, food etc.

Guides are not responsible for injuries or  damages that may  occur during the tour.

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铸剑师鲜鱼批发市场-拍卖酿造厂家 日本酒,酱油,大酱等,日本的房屋,温泉和大浴池,金泽留声机馆

导游费用: (包括小组)
半天游(4个小时) 10,000 ~ 15,000日元
一天游(8个小时) 15,000 ~ 20,000日元